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Manage the relationship between
Manufacturing and inventory with Fabrikatör!

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Fabrikatör [fab-ri-ka-tör]

Easy to use manufacturing module for Paraşüt users.

It is an easy to use tool which allows you to trace the relationship between manufacturing and inventory end-to-end without a hassle.

It takes only 3 steps to manufacture!



Create your product specific recipe by utilising the material records in your Paraşüt account.



Select your recipe, manufacture with one simple click. Enjoy the view while your material inventory decreases, your produced product inventory automatically increases.



Do not leave a single detail behind, always be on top of your inventory and manufacturing records.

What's inside?

Recipe creation

You can create a recipe by defining your required materials and quantity.

Manufacturing record creation

You can create recipes and manufacturing records simply by entering quantities.

Paraşüt integration

Sync your production to Paraşüt with a single click and stay up to date.

Manufacturing planning

You can make estimates and future plans by simply jotting down your material requirements within the planning feature.

Unit converter

Ability to utilise your products/materials with different units. You can by in tons and consume in grams!

Manufacturing cost

Easiest way to calculate your costs per recipe and manufacturing.

Chrome extension

Keep Fabrikatör next to you in all pages of Paraşüt! Download now!

Coming soon

Manufacturing reporting

Everything related to past manufacturings are in your easy reach for reporting.

Pick the best fitting package for your business and enjoy the ease of management. First 7 days are free!

Atelier Package
Monthly 29 + VAT

For the ones who like to do manufacturing and inventory tracking at Paraşüt without a headache.

  • Unlimited recipe
  • Monthly 100 manufacturing records
Manufacturer Package
Monthly 59 + VAT

For the ones who are into mass production and focuses on cost of production.

  • Unlimited recipe
  • Unlimited manufacturing record
  • Production cost management
Factory Package
Custom pricing for your needs.

For the business owners who wants to run end-to-end processes with Fabrikatör

  • Unlimited recipe
  • Unlimited manufacturing record
  • Production cost management
  • Unit converter
  • Production planning and reporting

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