Supply chain management for D2C curators

Fabrikatör offers end-to-end supply chain management for brands making bundle boxes and curating different products. After the free consultancy session, start using Fabrikatör free for 1 month!

Suitable for outsourced manufacturing

Plan and monitor your outsourced manufacturing activities. 

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Manage multiple suppliers

Make your material supply plans easily, send out RFQs and POs to your suppliers.

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Operations on autopilot

Plan once and let Fabrikatör do the project and task management for you.

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How does it work?

Fabrikatör is designed for curators that make bundle boxes. Easy to use features support both outsourcing brands and in-house manufacturing ones.

Fabrikatör Consumers love box subscriptions, make your customers happy with timely delivered quality products!
  1. 1

    Define your products and materials

    Connect your Shopify store and bring in your product catalog in minutes. Alternatively, import all your products and materials as a .csv file.

  2. 2

    What steps are involved?

    Whether you make your products in-house or work with outsourced manufacturers. Add each step involved in your restocking processes.

  3. 3

    Set your inventory goals and done 👌

    Enter how many of each product you need and by when. Then Fabrikatör creates a plan to make sure you reach your goal!


Why should you use?
We believe each brand has unique requirements deserves a special welcome from our experts who helped hundreds of businesses in this industry.