Intelligent supply planning for Shopify stores

Plan, execute and automate your supply operations. Scale up your business without scaling up your operations team!


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Made for high growth, exceptional stores in mind

Successful product companies are built on top of excellent supply chain practices. Fabrikatör, empowers founders and operations teams to efficiently function with less resources and time!

Make dynamic supply plans

Just add your SKUs, suppliers and goals. Let Fabrikatör build a dynamic plan with scheduled tasks and deadlines to achieve your goals.

Receive reminders and reports

Get notified before your products are out of stock. Restock them at the most optimal time.

Automate POs and supplier communication

Based on your inventory levels and goals, Fabrikatör generates automated purchase orders and sends them to your suppliers. 

All-in-one solution for supply chain management

Fabrikatör provides you all the tools you need for running your online store. 

  • Supply Planning

    Whether you use your own warehouse or hired a fulfilment center, always be on top of your inventory levels.

    One click install & inventory sync
     All your products get synced from your Shopify store and always get updated to reflect the most recent inventory levels.

    Purchase order & supplier management
    Create purchase orders and share with your suppliers right from Fabrikatör. Save time by handling supply operations from a single point.

  • Forecasting

    Get a better overview of future inventory levels
    Enjoy the comfort of having a better visibility about your future inventory levels. Make supply plans based on the forecasts. 

    Combine marketing & supply plans
    Performance marketing is the main driver for most DTC sales. Integrate your marketing platforms and get more accurate inventory forecasts based on the marketing spend, conversion rate and ROAS.

  • Automation

    Purchase Orders Automated
    Fabrikatör follows your stock reorder levels and proactively creates purchase orders so you never run out of stocks off guard!

    Your project manager is a robot
    Following your goals and plans, Fabrikatör assigns and follow ups on the tasks given to your team members. When Fabrikatör senses a delay, it immediately reports back to you and adjusts the plans.

How do they use it?

Fabrikatör serves companies from more than 20 industries.
Get inspired by their stories!

Fashion & Apparel

SKU Management

Check out how fashion brands are using Fabrikatör to improve their operations.

Food & Beverages

Recipe Creation

High frequency grocery businesses love the fulfilment automation.

Box Curators

Bundling SKUs

Customers love bundles with special themes. Making a bundle requires good planning.

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