Supply planning
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Plan, execute and automate your supply operations. Scale up your business without scaling up your operations team.


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Made with exceptional makers and brands in mind

Successful product companies are built on top of excellent operations. Fabrikatör empowers founders and operation teams to work efficiently with fewer resources and less time!

Make dynamic supply plans

Just add your SKUs, suppliers and goals. Let Fabrikatör build a dynamic plan with scheduled tasks and deadlines to achieve your goals.

Receive reminders and reports

Fabrikatör acts as your personal project manager. It follows up on your to-do's, sends regular reports about assigned tasks and inventory status.

Automate POs and supplier communication

Fabrikatör takes over your supplier communication, collecting critical responses based on your inventory levels and goals.

All-in-one solution for supply chain management

Fabrikatör provides all the tools you need to run your online store. 

  • Inventory Management

    Whether you use your own warehouse or a contracted fulfilment center, always stay on top of your inventory levels.

    Quick start via import
    Add all of your finished products and raw materials. Import products directly from your online shop or upload a list.

    Keep track of inventory levels in real time by integrating your online shop or accounting software. 

  • Manufacturing

    Are you making your own products?
    Create recipes including materials required to make awesome products. You can create manufacturing records by using recipes, planing manufacturing schedules, prioritising and tracking tasks.

    Are you getting your products manufactured elsewhere?
    Create recipes and share with your manufacturer. Collaborate on recipes, minimise the email and phone traffic. Send manufacturing records and prioritise the backlog of your manufacturer.

  • Automation

    Purchase Orders Automated
    Fabrikatör follows your stock reorder levels and proactively creates purchase orders so you never run out of stocks off guard!

    Your project manager is a robot
    Following your goals and plans, Fabrikatör assigns and follows up on the tasks given to your team members. When Fabrikatör senses a delay, it immediately reports back to you and adjusts the plans.

How do they use it?

Fabrikatör serves companies from more than 20 industries.
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Fashion & Apparel

SKU Management

Check out how fashion brands are using Fabrikatör to improve their operations.

Food & Beverages

Recipe Creation

Learn why these companies love using the recipes and manufacturing records.

Box Curators

Bundling SKUs

Customers love bundles with special themes. See how Fabrikatör helps you plan and execute bundles customers will love.

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