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Fabrikatör handles all your processes.

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Makina İmalat Üretim Programı
Makina İmalat Yönetim Yazılımı

Manage all your processes.

You can easily manage the entire journey of a material which starts by coming in as an inventory and ends with forming a final product with Fabrikatör.

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Makina İmalat Maliyet Hesaplama

Calculate Component Costs.

Do you wonder what is the unit cost of the machine component you produce? Fabrikatör's intelligent cost calculation function calculates your costs precisely.

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Makina İmalat Stok Takibi

Identify the Missing Components.

You have received a request for the production of machinery and machine parts, and you cannot predict how much of which material should be in your stock. Let the Fabrikatör help you.

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