Manufacturing Tracking Program for Textile Manufacturers

Manage end to end processes of textile production, easily with the Fabrikatör.

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Tekstil Üretim Yazılımı
Tekstil Fason Takip Programı

All In One Management

You can easily manage all the steps of your production starting from purchasing fabrics and turning into useful textile products with the Fabrikatör.

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Tekstil Üretim Planlama

Order Based Production

If you want to take note of your bulk orders and find out if your inventories are enough for this order, you'll love the Fabrikatör's production planning feature.

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Tekstil Maliyet Hesaplama

Unit Cost Calculation

Would you like to learn the costs of the materials you use in the production of each textile product and calculate your unit production cost? So the Fabrikatör is for you.

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